Ellie Goulding: Life Round Here

From other sides of the world, music's finest from Britain and Brooklyn come together as Ellie Goulding and Angel Haze team up to cover James Blake’s 'Life Round Here'. Soft, pretty, dreamy and haunting all at the same damn time.

Ellie Goulding - Life Round Here

Ellie Goulding and Angel Haze have teamed up together to cover a James Blake tune which definitely results in an impressive interpretation.

A soft and pretty cover by Goulding with the addition of rapper Angel Haze makes for an unexpected pairing but one that works surprisingly well. If you’ve never heard the haunting original by James Blake, you definitely need to get on that.

Surprisingly, Angel Haze’s verse is kinda deep and definitely makes an impression after she spits out her last few lines that really leads the mind to wander…

“I’m searching
But I’m terrified
That by the time I find what I’m looking for
I’ll be dead inside.”