HOWLS: 001 and 002

Australian producers Ta-ku and Kit Pop have once again collaborated together on a new project: HOWLS. The boys have announced a new EP and have released the first two singles filled with light and airy drum beats, silky smooth vocals, and funky bass grooves. Take a listen to the high energy tracks and stay tuned for more from their forthcoming project coming soon.

HOWLS - 001 and 002

Who’s got next? HOWLS do.

If you haven’t already heard, HOWLS is made up of Perth’s genre-killing producer Ta-ku and his Sunday Records label-mate and fellow producer, Kit Pop.

Late last year, the boys announced the side project and this month, in the space of a few days, they’ve dropped two singles to tide us over until they finish the EP.

We all know how the world feels about Ta-ku (and that includes his hair and photos, as well as his music); and if you don’t know Kit Pop, then you need to know him, because he certainly deserves the attention of your ears too.

Having both collaborated together before on such mixtapes as #EATS and #TREATS, the pair have once again teamed up to bring a new project and EP for our listening pleasure – as if they haven’t done enough already.

‘001’ features B.Lewis from San Deigo/San Francisco who was also behind one of my favourite upbeat tracks. Just as upbeat, ‘001’, gives us the first taste and the result leaves you wanting more. Just try and get that hook out of your head.

‘002’ on the other hand, enlists the help of Virginia-based producer Lakim, and the trio flip this track bringing it to another level, with silky vocals providing a subtle R&B twist to the tune.


Both tracks feature heavy bass, funky grooves and skillful synths that have you reaching for the play button again and again when each track ends. HOWLS represents a true example of seamless production from the boys.

Make sure you keep an eye on HOWLS because word on the (Instagram) street is that the boys are due to drop ‘003’ any day now.