Event Review: Sydney’s Backyard

Earlier this year whilst in Sydney for Field Day, The 5 to 9 Life was also invited to attend a special pop-up event launching at the Opera Bar. 'Sydney's Backyard' brings a concept that encapsulates the typical Australian backyard - greenery, washing on the line, benches and the staple - the Aussie BBQ.

Sydney's Backyard

Last time I was in Sydney, I was invited to attend the launch of a new concept for the Summer season.

Another pop-up if you will, Sydney’s Backyard, is a place for you to kick back, hang out, and relax with a few cocktails and some BBQ treats on hand.

“During the month of January, Australia’s best bar will transform into a harbour side backyard sanctuary, giving the people of Sydney all their favourite backyard classics accompanied by a setting that will make them feel right at home. Celebrating the annual Summer at the House festivities, Opera Bar will offer an all ages experience and invite all walks of life to enjoy what’s on offer.”

Giving guests a taste of what the ultimate Australian backyard is like, the “backyard” was decked out with native plants, picnic dining tables, underwear hanging on the line, a layer of greenery, and of course, the trusty ol’ Aussie BBQ.

What was on the menu?

Sydney's Backyard_BBQ Menu

Arriving for lunch, the menu offered a limited choice of pulled lamb rolls, corn on the cob and prawn skewers. Not exactly much to choose from, my friend and I both went for the pulled lamb rolls. It was nice, but seeing as though we had both saved our appetites for the event, it wasn’t enough so we had to order a pizza from the main kitchen too.

Sydney's Backyard_Pulled Lamb Roll

Oh well. We did however, end up having quite a boozy lunch though. With a bar tab on offer for us, we took advantage and ordered two cocktail jugs. A couple hours later, perhaps it was not the greatest idea to be drinking so much at 1pm. (But I was on holidays! So whatever. Ha.)

Sydney's Backyard_Cocktails

Unfortunately, we didn’t stick around for the live entertainment, but check out the official site to see which Aussie artists will be providing live tunes each night.

Overall, Sydney’s Backyard provides an interesting concept with tasty, though limited, food choices and delicious cocktails.

Sydney’s Backyard is on for the entire month of January. Take advantage of the Summer sunshine and head over to the Opera Bar to experience it for yourself!

Sydney's Backyard_January 2014