Nike SB: Chronicles II

It's time for skate enthusiasts and sneaker lovers alike to unite. Nike SB have launched a microsite for volume two of the brand's 'Chronicles' video series, featuring two trailers and exclusive interviews with some of the best skaters around the world.

Nike - SB Chronicles II


I’ve always loved to watch the tricks but my lack of balance, co-ordination and courage has stopped me from actually giving it a go myself.

One day. It’s on my bucket list.

Nike SB has launched a microsite for volume two of the brand’s “Chronicles” video series.

The full-length video will feature all-stars from the SB roster including Theotis Beasley, Darly Angel, Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, and Justin Brock, plus the young Brazilian ripper Luan Oliviera, and an introduction to the new Jack Donovan Piscopo.

Check out a sneak peek of an interview with Melbourne’s own Shane O’Neill, who made his way to the Nike SB Global team in 2010.

Below is a short video of what you can expect to see, but the fact that this is just a trailer, you can only imagine what the entire film will be like, which you can catch now, available exclusively on iTunes.

Be sure to check out for more information and interesting tidbits on the campaign too.