IAMNOBODI: Needs & Wants & Bad Habits

IAMNOBODI has done it again with his latest instrumental EP. The man can do no wrong. Seriously. Fusing together hip hop, jazz, and soul with two of the biggest RnB divas in the game, 'Needs & Wants & Bad Habits' is a record you need to listen to - RIGHT NOW. DO IT. The best part? It's FREE - but if you want to support the man, please do so via his bandcamp. You won't regret it.

IAMNOBODI - Needs & Wants & Bad Habits

IAMNOBODI released an EP over the weekend and whilst he has generously released the record as a FREE purchase, I have to agree with Soulection when they said:

“You really need this one. This shouldn’t be free.”

Off the back of an incredibly inspiring interview with yours truly, “Needs & Wants & Bad Habits” illustrates and epitomises everything that I admire about IAMNOBODI as an artist, musician, beat-maker, producer, and creative individual.

From beginning to end, the record has you getting down with those feel good vibes and makes it a perfect soundtrack to the backyard BBQ’s, rooftop bar-hopping and all the parties you’re sure to be experiencing during Summer (for those down under) and the Christmas/New Year period ahead.

Integrating samples from Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys, “Needs & Wants & Bad Habits” should be at the top of your playlist to finish off a great year.

As previously mentioned, the record is FREE from the very talented IAMNOBODI, but do us both a favour and support the German-based artist by dropping some coin on a collection of tunes that will have you grooving along and feeling good all year round.

My only complaint? It’s far too short. I know it’s an EP, but when ‘Recreate’ fades away indicating the record’s end, I just want to hear more, more, more!

Oh well.