Collection Preview: Converse Winter 2014

A few weeks ago, The 5 to 9 Life was invited to preview the new Winter 2014 collection for Converse. Luckily for me, I already had a scheduled day off from the office because the event was held in the middle of the day with a catered lunch and fun activities to join in on. Read on to see what went down.

Collection Preview - Converse Winter 2014

Held in an old warehouse space in Sydney’s Marrickville, the unlikely location was transformed into three separate areas showcasing the three main products on show for Converse’s new Winter 2014 collection: Chuck Taylor All Star ’70, Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus and the new Jack Purcell sneaker range.

Collection Preview- Converse Winter 2014_2

Chuck Taylor All Star ‘70
The Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 returns with the first two prints ever released on a Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker, the camouflage and the glow-in-the-dark zebra prints. Yep, you read right. Glow-in-the-dark! Ooh la la.

The Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 for the Winter 2014 collection will also be available in the original six core colours it was released in: Camouflage Print, Zebra Print, Sunflower, Black, Heritage Blue, Parchment, Crimson, and True Navy. The All Star ’70 will be available in both high-top and low-top styles, and features a reinforced double layered canvas upper and comfort sock liner.

Collection Preview- Converse Winter 2014_3

Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus
An all-new silhouette, the Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Plus takes the iconic sneaker to (literally) new heights adding a feminine touch to a sporty silhouette. With over two inches of a concealed wedge, the All Star Platform Plus gives your feet a dramatic burst of bold colour, and features a platform along with the inbuilt wedge and a coloured marble sole.

Collection Preview- Converse Winter 2014_4

Jack Purcell
“Inspired by different elements of summer accessories, such as cool tortoise shell sunglasses and elegant pocket squares, the collection is a new classic which seamlessly merges with the focused and cool personal style of discerning creative curators.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to report on the Jack Purcell range as I was rather distracted by the musical instrument made up of Jack Purcell sneakers over to the side of the display of the shoes. Yes, it is a real instrument. And it probably was only on show for this event but it was hella fun to play.

Collection Preview- Converse Winter 2014_5

Speaking of play, the Converse team also had set up some stations of tie-dye and graffiti for us to customise our free sneakers. Did I mention that was our gift for the day? Awesome right?

I didn’t partake in the tie-dye but I definitely had my clean white Cons customised. A big shout of to graffiti artists Matthew and Mitchell for making my sneakers look pretty damn awesome. See below! (For the record, I’m not a Lakers fan, I just asked them to use purple and they went with it.)

Converse - Customised Cons