Amin Payne: Jay Dee – Don’t Stop Feat. Frank (Rework)

It's come to the end of 2013 - I can't believe it's December already - and everyone is starting to think about what they're going to be doing or where they'll be next year. New Zealand born producer Amin Payne has had a massive year and yesterday he decided to top off a great 2013 with one last final gift to us all - a free download of his latest tune - a rework of J Dilla's 'Don't Stop'.

Amin Payne_Jay Dee - Don't Stop Feat. Frank (Rework)

This song was only released 24 hours ago, but I’ve honestly listened to it more times than I can count. Seriously, every time a new track would come on, I would press pause on that track, and press play again on this rework of Jay Dee’s ‘Don’t Stop’. Not sure what it is about it but I am really diggin’ it.

Getting comfortable in my temporary Melbourne home whilst looking for something a little more permanent, Amin Payne’s rework has provided a great soundtrack to the afternoon. Actually, his entire soundcloud page has provided more than just a great soundtrack. Head on over and get to know his music if you haven’t already done so before.

Amin has just released a vinyl record with his friend and fellow artist Ben Bada Boom, which I have yet to give a spin, but it is definitely on my MUST LISTEN list. There is just too much new music being released these days. I’m seriously finding it hard to keep up!

Going back to ‘Don’t Stop’ though, I don’t know all that much about Frank’s identity, but his vocals on this mix adds a nice little touch. Even without the vocals, the New Zealand producer has brought back the old school vibes and at the same time manages to leave you in a headspace that you wouldn’t mind being left in. Does that make sense?

As soon as you press play though, the beat drops, the hook reels you in and you can’t help but groove along. I’ve been vibin’ to this one all afternoon.

Even if you’re not a massive fan of Dilla (like everyone else I know), you’ll appreciate the effort that has been worked into this track. This is possibly one of my favourite releases from Amin this year, and now that I’m officially a Melbournite (Eek!), here’s hoping I’ll be able to see him play this tune live very soon.

This is the last release from Amin Payne for 2013. Looking forward to see what the Melbourne-based artist has in store for us in 2014.