The Cool Hunter: Rotate

A completely new shopping experience is set to take place in Sydney, launching next week, and its concept will 'rotate' every 8 weeks. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Sydneysiders, get ready to welcome Rotate by The Cool Hunter.

Rotate Sydney

Sydney is about to experience some of that new new in regards to their shopping experience when The Cool Hunter hops into town and launches a new concept in our city.

Whilst there isn’t much details on the actual store itself just yet, I’m kinda bummed that I won’t be in Sydney to experience the new change that will happen every couple of months (re: my recent Facebook announcement) but I’m sure I’ll hear, read, see all about it on the various social platforms available nowadays.

‘Rotate’ by The Cool Hunter is a store that will stay in place for a year but the theme will change every eight weeks.

“New theme, new store, new everything – every two months. Blink, and the shop has changed completely! Blink, and you’ve missed it! If you want it, you need to buy it now. It won’t be there next time.”

Aren’t you intrigued?

A store full of surprises, the concept will not stand still and it definitely won’t look or be filled with all the things you would expect from a standard retail store. Because let’s face it, nothing is ever normal or expected when it comes to The Cool Hunter.

Rotate Sydney_2

“These themed temporary pop-up stores will constantly evolve – and not just a changing window display or a few new products. The entire setup and product mix will change every 8 weeks.

There will be a new theme for each period e.g. Summer Lovers, The Art Hunter, Colour Your World, Winter Wonderland. But this won’t be your regular, boring store either – Rotate will be fun, innovative, interactive and visually spectacular.

Products and brands will be carefully curated by The Cool Hunter Team and feature amazing local brands and unique international offerings.”

Rotate Sydney_3

Their first theme ‘Summer Lovers’ kicks off the launch next week.