Lose Yourself Somewhere

A picture is worth a thousand words, maybe more. And sometimes there are just no words to describe the feeling a photograph makes you feel. Adventurous travels, snowcapped mountains, urban hideaways, quiet moments and dense forest are breathtakingly captured in O'Neill Australia's 'Lose Yourself Somewhere' exhibition. The exhibition will begin in Perth and make its way across Australia via Mornington Peninsula, Adelaide and Sydney, showcasing the five local photographers from each city.

Lose Yourself Somewhere_Jonathan Van Der Knapp

The world can be a crazy place and sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

Personally, I’ve been experiencing these days a little more often than one should lately.. Sad face. But let’s not get into that.

Lose Yourself Somewere_Darren Longbottom

If someone told you to “Lose Yourself Somewhere”, what would be the first thing that came to mind? And how would you capture those thoughts through a photo?

O’Neill Australia is setting out to showcase some of Australia’s best creative talents with the “Lose Yourself Somewhere” National Photographic Exhibition.

Lose Yourself Somewere_Josie Withers

“O’Neill has hand-­picked 20 photographers from across the nation including Canon Master Photographer Eugene Tan from Bondi, legendary surf photographer Russell Ord from Margaret River, lifestyle photographer Andy Hatton from Melbourne, international travel and lifestyle photographer Che Chorley from Adelaide and ‘Lose Yourself Somewhere’ competition winner Mark Clinton from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Each photographer will exhibit 5 images based on their own unique interpretation of what ‘Lose Yourself Somewhere’ means to them.”

Check out some of the photographs to be featured at each exhibition around the country within this post. Some people don’t get ‘art’ or the beauty within a photograph and for those of you who happen to fall in this category, I suggest you try the following:

Take the person out of the featured photograph and imagine yourself there. Surround yourself with those beautiful landscapes and the natural environment.

How does it make you feel?

Lose Yourself Somewere_Che Chorley

What does “Lose Yourself Somewhere” mean to you? And where is that exact place that you can feel you can disappear to – each and every time?

“The whole ‘Lose Yourself Somewhere’ concept is about escapism, it’s about living in the moment and enjoying that point in time no matter where you are, or who you are with. It’s about turning left when you would normally go right, stepping off for a while and freeing yourself from the shackles of modern living.”

Lose Yourself Somewere_Sarah Christensen

The exhibition begins in Perth on the 15th of November and makes it way to Sydney on the 12th of December.

Venue Information:
PERTH: 15 – 17 November 2013 at Free Range Gallery
ADELAIDE: 5 – 9 December 2013 at The Mill Gallery
MORNINGTON PENINSULA: 28 November ‐ 2 December 2013 at The Snake Hole
SYDNEY: 12 – 16 December 2013 at 107 Projects

*Front Cover photo by Jennifer Stengle.