Chris Yee: Menace

If you dream about living in your own 'world' one day, you might be able to relate to the work of Chris Yee and the concept behind his debut solo exhibition: Menace. Yee's world is based around 90's music, ink and misinterpreted Americana. Interested? Curious? If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on.

Chris Yee - Menace

It’s funny how sometimes you meet someone and you realise you don’t know all that much about them until after the fact.

Take artist Chris Yee for example.

I met the guy at a CARBON party earlier this year in Melbourne. Sure, we talked for a bit but I was working and we never got to the point of the conversation where he told me about his creative aspirations..

Plus, there was a lot of tequila flowing at that particular party. For the record: I was sober. Everybody else? Not so much.

This week Tonight, Yee will be debuting his first solo exhibition at Sydney’s kind of — gallery.

“Chris Yee invites you into his world of misinterpreted Americana, parallel universes, rap royalty and bitter rivalries where everyone is a menace.”


The exhibition kicks off tonight from 6pm and will run until 10 November.

Make sure you head on down to see Yee’s work over the next week. His intricacy and attention to detail is insane. Honestly, you gotta see it to believe it.

I’ve been following his work on Instagram for a while now. I suggest you do the same.

Solo Exhibition by Chris Yee
Opening 6.11.13 (6-9pm)
Exhibition Ends 10.11.13

kind of — gallery
70 Oxford St