Ben Bada Boom: Destiny’s Child – Emotion (Refix)

Germany seems to have a lot of hidden talent in their country and slowly, but surely we're starting to find out a little more about them. Off the back of our recent interview with rising producer, IAMNOBODI, comes a release from fellow German producer and artist Ben Bada Boom. Check out his re-fix of Destiny's Child's rendition of 'Emotion'.

Ben Bada Boom_Destiny's Child - Emotion (Refix)

When Destiny’s Child first came out with this cover of Samantha Sang’s ‘Emotion’ (and no, the Bee Gees did not sing the original), I wasn’t the biggest fan of their release. Yes, I was a fan of Destiny’s Child back in the day (still am, actually), but there was something about this cover that threw me off.

German producer Ben Bada Boom (who has also been working with Amin PaYnE on their collaborative EP, “Collision”) however, has managed to take the acapella vocals of the ‘Bootylicious’ girls, and completely re-flipped the song to produce a tune that I can’t stop listening to.

“For those who might not be familiar with him, Ben Bada Boom is a 26 year old beatmaker and design artist who is based in Hamburg, Germany. 3B´s sounds come from various influences such as Electronic, Funk and Soul. He takes those influences and then turns them into something new. Current, but difficult to classify genre-wise.”

Released as Darker Than Wax‘s ‘Free Download Series’, Ben Bada Boom aka 3B has turned this song into a smooth and slick rendition, with luscious undertones.