Record Review: IAMNOBODI – Elevated

'Elevated' by German producer IAMNOBODI was released at the beginning of the month and I admit, I've been sitting on it for awhile. Not that I haven't been listening to it, because believe me, I can't get enough of it - honestly. The album as a whole, is, without a doubt, at its best when enjoyed straight through, but there are definitely still a couple of standout tracks, that I would happily add to my ultimate playlist for the upcoming season of Summer. Give 'Elevated' a spin and you might consider doing the same.

IAMNOBODI - Elevated

For the past few Sundays of this month, I’ve had one particular record on repeat. Sure, I’ve listened to other records, but “Elevated” from IAMNOBODI is one of those records that I can’t help going back to.

It’s been a repetitive thing that just seems to happen on my Sundays. Sundays is one of those days in the week where I get a weird bittersweet-type feeling. For one, it’s still the weekend which is a great thing; but on the flipside, you know that at the end of the day when you head to bed, you’ll have to wake up the next day to face the music and head back into the hustlin’ and bustlin’ of the craziness associated with your 9-5.

But for some reason, listening to “Elevated” on a Sunday takes away the pain of knowing that it’s Monday tomorrow and makes me focus on the good stuff. Even when I’m not listening to it, the hooks and bouncy beats are stuck in my head, and if you saw me right now, it’d look like I’m a crazy person, dancing to no sound, but the sounds of “Elevated” that I am currently hearing in my head. I swear, I’m not crazy! I just can’t get ‘Maputo Dance’ out of my head.

“Elevated” is an addictive record – if that’s even possible. For a debut, I don’t know if it comes any better than this release from German producer, IAMNOBODI.

His love of hip hop is evident in the entire vibe of the record, but it also becomes clear after listening to this record, that his influences spans out a little further than just the roots of the genre we all have a love affair with.

IAMNOBODI is joining the ranks as one of my favourite producers in the game right now. Funnily enough, the other few are his label mates from Soulection, but IAMNOBODI stands out from the others with his mix of upbeat, funk, laidback and overall good vibrations that the entire record is able to to bring to the table with just ten tracks.

I don’t know how but just within the back to back tracks of ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and ‘Bubble Bath Dreams’, for example, he is able to capture those funky fresh vibes that make you want to head out for a night of wicked games; and then switch it up and bring you back down to earth, with the feeling of wanting to lay in bed all day and just chill.

I love that feeling.

What I really love about “Elevated” though is the message behind some of the tracks. It’s a rare thing for an artist to be able to take their listener away from the beats and breaks and allow them to take you on a journey and inside a story of where certain songs were inspired from. For instance, with Maputo Dance, IAMNOBODI tells us that the single ‘pays homage to the slum in Mozambique which it was named after with the intension to shed light on inspiration to create no matter what sort of living environment you’re immersed in’.

Sometimes you just need to take a few steps back and remember who you are, where you came from and the path that you’re heading towards. It’s admirable that IAMNOBODI was able to seek inspiration from something like that and knowing the deeper meaning of it all, just makes me respect him more as an artist.

Furthermore, with all the hip-hop and down-tempo/ambient qualities that are fused together throughout “Elevated”; if after hearing this record, you haven’t stood up and started grooving along at some point, something is wrong with you. #sorrynotsorry.

Do yourself a favour and add “Elevated” to your music library. It’ll be an experience that you’ll never thought possible for your aural senses.