Product Review: UE BOOM

The new Ultimate Ears BOOM has some serious sound going on. And by that, I mean that it's LOUD. The speaker not only looks simple in design but music emanates from 360 degrees, transforming the space around you into a lively and enveloping soundstage. The UE BOOM has been developed for a deep, rich sound and with its simple cylindrical design, it features just four simple buttons (power, volume functions and the Bluetooth connection), and delivers optimal sound quality no matter where it's placed in the room. Its Bluetooth functionality also means you can wirelessly link it to your smartphone, laptop or tablet device.


A few weeks ago, I received a pretty little package in the mail and within the contents of the box was the Ultimate Ears BOOM.

I decided to try out my Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker at my 9-5 office job. Imagine an open plan of about 80 desks on the 6th floor of a large corporation listening to my selection of music blaring out from this slimming little thing.

Judging from the content currently on the website, you’ll know that my selection of music ranges from hip hop, R&B, rock, indie, pop, jazz, beats and so much more.

Yep, my workplace has been exposed to the likes of Ta-ku, Atu, Sango, IAMNOBODI, BANKS, Radiohead, Thundercat, HOVA, Yeezy, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Queen Bey, etc, as well as everyone’s favourite jams from the 90s RnB era. Hey, I haven’t had any complaints yet to change the songs. 😛

The overall feedback? Incredible.


“UE BOOM is the 360º speaker that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction. Rage, riot, party and play the music you love, out loud.”

‘Where is that music coming from?’ was probably the question of the day when I first brought in the BOOM. The sounds were loud but they didn’t distract – which is definitely a good thing.

The dual passive radiators bring deep low frequencies, which results in the bouncy bass beats and overall sounds travelling through the cylindrical speaker to be oh so clean, crisp and full-bodied. Personally, I loved it as soon as I hit play on my iPod.

I’ll be honest though. It didn’t occur to me that the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs on the speaker were the actual volume buttons so for the first week or so, I was a little frustrated at having to adjust the volume via my iPhone. But when I figured it out… Hallelujah! I seriously felt like an idiot. #blondemoment

Secret tip: If you press both volume buttons at the same time, a mysterious voice will tell you how much charge of the battery you have left. Clever and intriguing!


The speaker delivers a optimal sound quality from where ever you place it in the room – which means you can switch songs, adjust the volume and/or take calls up to 15m away (50ft)!

Audible confirmation of connection via the speaker’s drum sequence lets you know that the BOOM is ready to go and because I’ve been reviewing this speaker for the past couple of weeks, I’ve had some co-workers tell me that they look forward to hearing that particular drum sequence each day, knowing that the void of silence in the office will be replaced with the sounds of my eclectic taste in music. Huzzah!

The colourful acoustic skin with plasma coating makes the UE BOOM not only water resistant and stain resistant, it’s pretty much life resistant. The BOOM brings the music to wherever you are – whether you’re surrounded by friends, taking a road trip across the country, or riding around the local streets on your bike.

And don’t worry about the battery life. Once you see the power light flashing red, you’ll know it’s time for a recharge (or you can refer to the secret tip mentioned earlier). 3 hours is all you need and then the UE BOOM will last you for 15 hours with its rechargeable battery, providing you with non-stop tunes from dusk till dawn. Music to my ears – literally.


I’ve already had offers from several colleagues of ‘borrowing, but never returning’ the UE Boom so I would suggest you do yourself a favour and fork out the $200 for this little beauty because it’s worth every dollar; and your friends, family and co-workers will be ever so jealous that they didn’t purchase it first! Don’t worry, if the bright pops of colour throws you off a bit, there are other colours available.

Speaking of colours, the one I was given (shown in pictures) initially had me questioning the choice of colour ways, and more than a couple of colleagues kept asking if it was ‘The Red Pill’? To which I responded with the simple instruction of ‘No, but listen to the difference.’

Leading up to its release in the US, the badass musical mayhem duo of Reggie Watts and Asif, dropped some knowledge on the power of Socio-Musicology, through some social-music experiments which saw them capturing the footage via a YouTube online series. Check out one of many episodes below:

Chief Socio-Musicologist Reggie Watts and his assistant Asif think that social music shouldn’t just be global, but universal so they grab a couple of space suits, an alien abductee and hop in the UE BOOM Bus to hit the road for Bonnaroo 2013 to launch a UE BOOM into space. If the footage is real, then imagine the distance of how far you could hear your music?! Amazing stuff.

For me, the downside of the UE BOOM is the colour (it’s just too bright for me), and also the fact that it drains the battery of my iPhone 5 whenever I have the Bluetooth connected, but in saying that, the UE BOOM also provides the option of a 3.5mm line in if you don’t want to go wireless, meaning you can connect other things to it too! Awesome.)

The draining of my iPhone battery may also be due to the fact that I REFUSE to update to the iOS 7… But seriously though, am I the only one who is horrified with the new design and hasn’t updated their iPhone??


Bottom line of this review though is you should definitely go out and purchase yourself the UE BOOM speaker. You won’t regret it.

Slim, affordable, light, wireless, waterproof and the sounds from it packs a whole lot of punch. What more do you want?

The Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker is available now at the following retailers nationwide. Still not convinced? Click here.

What are you waiting for? Hop to it!