An Interview with Emma Mulholland

Continuing with The 5 to 9 Life's collaboration with ABSOLUT, the opportunity presented itself to interview fashion designer, Emma Mulholland for The Blue Room campaign. Mulholland is a designer on the rise and has already garnered the attention of fashion insiders, with her designs referencing the late 80s / early 90s and are reminiscent of the recently controversial film, 'Spring Breakers'. Get ready to be hit in the face by this fresh faced designer's collections for both sexes. Think bright, colourful, and in-your-face. A style that would be perfect for those who want to stand out in the crowds. Read on to meet the talented fashion designer.

An Interview with Emma Mulholland

Emma Mulholland.

The name might not sound too familiar, but Mulholland has already been labelled as one of the hottest Australian designers of the moment – by those that we wish we had an ‘in’ with including fashion insiders and fashion royalty.

Once you see Mulholland’s designs, you might feel like you’ve been transported back to the 90s – an era that I adore, having grown up during that particular decade. C’mon now, who doesn’t love the 90s? But really though, imagine designs that have been clearly influenced by the surf culture, club wear and the teenage brat packs from those good ol’ days. Can you imagine it?

It was only three years ago that she received critical acclaim for her graduate collection and now, in 2013, Emma Mulholland has been selected as one of the chosen creatives to participate in ABSOLUT’s The Blue Room campaign, which kicks off in Sydney tomorrow night.

I managed to catch up with the up and coming designer to talk about fashion, her involvement with ABSOLUT and what happens during her 5 to 9 life.

Emma Mulholland

1. Introduce yourself.
Hi, I’m Emma Mulholland.

2. How did you get into (fashion) design?
I studied Ultimo TAFE and interned with a few other brands before launching my label in 2011.

3. How would you describe your brand’s aesthetic?
A mix of print, colour, and stuff I like!

Emma Mulholland_2

4. Describe your personal style.
Comfortable and colourful.

5. Tell us about your involvement with THE BLUE ROOM for ABSOLUT.
I have been working with ABSOLUT to bring the creative concept submitted by a winner from the brand’s facebook page to life at Absolut’s new event concept called the Blue Room. The end product will be showcased around Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) at a series of blue room events that will launch the new Absolut Limited Edition bottle for 2013 – Absolut Originality.

Emma Mulholland_Vision Board

6. What is a typical day like for you?
When I’m in Sydney I get up, get ready then head to the studio. From there I can be doing any number of different things. Everyday is different.

7. And what happens after 5pm?
Mostly more work! But then I like to meet up with friends for dinner or a drink, or do yoga.

8. Do you have a signature/go-to drink?
Bloody Mary with heaps of celery.

Emma Mulholland_4

9. Pay it forward: What’s the best advice you’ve received that you would happily share with others? Don’t take yourself too seriously!

10. What’s next for Emma Mulholland?
I’m in the middle of Winter sales, then I will start working on Summer in the next few weeks. 2014 is starting to look like a big year!