An Interview with Dion Horstmans

Dion Horstmans is known for his use of repeated geometry by integrating the shadow-line of the core sculptural form into each work. Along with Emma Mulholland, he has also been chosen as one of four creatives to participate in ABSOLUT's 'The Blue Room' campaign. Read on as we find out more about the New Zealand born sculptor.

An Interview with Dion Horstmans

Sculptors are rarely written about when it comes to art forms. We tend to focus on the painters, the designers, and so on. Rarely, the sculptors.

When self-confessed art school drop-out Dion Horstmans stumbled upon a sea sponge, the experience that sparked was an exploration of geometry within three-dimensional form.

That particular experience lead to his experimentation with art, which is now his full-time profession!

Read on to see what the sculptor had to say about his art, his days and his creative influences.

1. Introduce yourself.
New Zealand born; I’m a full time practicing artist, closet petrol head, and was brought up in the Cook Islands, but I now live in Bondi. I love the beach and the ocean.

2. How did you get into sculpting? Was it something you always wanted to do?
I’ve wanted to be an artist since I could hold a pencil. It was somewhere I could escape to, something I could control. I started working 3-dimensionally 18 years ago, it was a light bulb moment… I get space and volume.

Dion Horstmans_2

3. What / who influences your creativity? Any inspirations?
That’s a tough one. What? Life. Who? Pretty much anyone and everyone.
Inspiration is everywhere. It’s how you look at your world.

4. What obstacles do you face in making and exhibiting your sculptures?
On a daily basis: hot burning metal, noise, and heat. Other than that I treat my practice as a full time job. At some point I’ll get a bigger work shop, bigger tools, a bigger truck… Did I tell you I love V8’s? I suppose the biggest problem is there are not enough hours in a day, and I’m only one man.

5. Tell us about your involvement with THE BLUE ROOM for ABSOLUT.
It’s an exciting project. It’s giving me the oppurtuinity to think outside of the box and collaborating with someone else is always a welcome challenge.

Dion Horstmans_3

6. What is an average day like?
Get up at 5am, do some admin until 6am, high tail it to my workshop, drink coffee…
Work until 3pm, come home, hit the beach for a swim, follow up phone calls, gym at 5.30…
Dinner, then hanging out with my girlfriend. We don’t have a TV. Life’s good.

7. And what happens after 5pm?
Honestly… gym, dinner, hang out, talk, and read.

8. What do you want your viewer to take away from your work?
I’m not sure I really ever consider the viewer when creating works, for no other reason than I’m pretty much in my own space. Unless it’s a commissioned piece with specific dimensions and style I run with it. I’d want the viewer to look at my work in wonder, ask questions: How? Why?

Dion Horstmans_4

9. Pay it forward: What’s the best advice you’ve received that you would happily share with others?
Life’s short. Live it to the max. Live the dream. And work hard at it.

10. What’s next for Dion Horstmans?
More shows, bigger works, more collaborations… Bring it on!