Alina Baraz: Paradise

Here at The 5 to 9 Life, I'm always on the hunt for new music but I prefer to look for the underground stuff that no-one is hearing or that one song that only a handful know about. None of that mainstream music you hear every hour on the radio these days. Hip hop artist Atmosphere said it perfectly when he rapped 'I'd rather kill the radio and listen to the rain hit' on his track, Modern Man's Hustle. This is pretty much how I feel about the state of music on the radio these days. But it's nice to know that there are platforms like Soundcloud to really show you what's GOOD out there.

Alina Baraz - Paradise

I’ve been up since 6am (on a Saturday morning!) and all I’ve been doing is catching up on new music via Soundcloud. So much to catch up on.

But this tune by new artist Alina Baraz is the one that I keep going back to. The one that has stood out against all the R&B, hip hop, rock, remixes and electronic beats that my ears have been treated to over the past hour.

‘Paradise’ is a smooth and laidback track with infectious vocals accompanied by a hard-hitting, hip hop inspired beat by producer ESTA.

As the track continues, the percussions and synths worked within the beat and Baraz’s songwriting just draws you in, captivating you more and more as each second passes. Alina Baraz is constantly being compared to Lana Del Ray, but I disagree. Baraz’s voice is softer and more seductive, hitting you right in the feels.

And for the record, I’ve heard the original of this song and the original beat is nothing compared to what ESTA has managed to do on this version. Honestly, I couldn’t even listen to the original tune all the way through. The accompanying beat just didn’t sound right. ESTA, however, has somehow turned this entire sound around and made it sound so much better with his versatile sounds.

Press play now! And when the track finishes, press play again!

Would you be my ‘Paradise’?