JMSN: Walk Away

JMSN recently released a new single 'Walk Away', which uses his typically dark and melancholy sound. It's a wonderful introduction to his new EP, which he'll be dropping on November 5th called '†Pllajé†'.

JMSN - Walk Away

I absolutely love JMSN’s voice. His range is incredible and his pitch is pretty much perfect.

Doesn’t matter what song he is featured on, whether it be his own or one he has collaborated with another artist/producer, JMSN has the ability to express a raw emotion unlike any other vocalist. The earnest in his voice always feels so true and honest.

The accompanying artwork from Samüel Johnson (who is seriously making a name for himself too!) also complements the song perfectly. I’ve always loved the sound of waves crashing and it’s great to have it captured as part of the single artwork. Something so simple as waves crashing can be so effective, in my opinion, especially when you need to do some serious thinking.

Although the song is over 5 minutes long, I did not want it to end. This is such a beautiful and powerful release from JMSN, expressing so much heartbreak. With somber electronic beats, and lyrics that bring on a deeper meaning, it makes you wonder the story inspired by ‘Walk Away’.

“Don’t know what I’m waiting for,
But I can’t walk away.
I can’t walk away
I said, I just can’t feel it anymore,
But I can’t walk away.
I can’t walk away.”

‘Walk Away’ is taken from JMSN’s forthcoming EP, “†Pllaj놔, due for release on November 5.