IAMNOBODI: Maputo Dance

Another week, another Soulection release. Founder Joe Kay is holding it down over in LA with all the talented artists/producers he currently has on the label's roster and the abundance of releases and freebies that he's been uploading over the internet airwaves, but I'm not complaining - not one bit. The latest in question is IAMNOBODI whom will be releasing his album, Elevated, on October 1st. But until then, we've been given a little taste with the single 'Maputo Dance'.

IAMNOBODI - Maputo Dance

IAMNOBODI is a producer on the rise.

Whilst I still have his Beyonce edit on repeat, he has quietly been working on his debut release, “Elevated”, and has just released the first single, ‘Maputo Dance’.

Right from the start after his signature ‘IAMNOBODI’ introduction, the punchiness of the song draws you right in. The layers of beats within this tune makes me want to break it down and listen to each layer stripped back. The combination of all the different elements of sounds makes me wanna move to every single beat that reveals itself.

I can definitely see this song being used as a soundtrack for a dance piece, much like the title itself. I’m not a dancer by any means but as soon as the beat drops on this song, my body can’t help but groove along and I just want to hit every single beat! ‘Maputo Dance’ is just so fresh and so clean.

But beyond the bouncy beats of this infectious tune, it’s refreshing to see that there are still some artists out there with a story to tell behind the songs. Soulection artists have that in the bag and IAMNOBODI proves to be no different.

“The single, ‘Maputo Dance’, pays homage to the slum in Mozambique which it was named after with the intension to shed light on inspiration to create no matter what sort of living environment you’re immersed in.”

Available as a free download here, IAMNOBODI’s debut album “Elevated” will be out October 1st.