Better Off Dead: Hérmes not Hermés (S&M Series)

Singapore's FALSE label have released a new collection from their indie label Better Off Dead with pieces that feature an interesting take on the provocative practice of S&M. Yep, you read right: S&M.

Hérmes not Hermés - Latex Tee

‘Na na na na na. Come on.’

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. But in all honesty, when I saw the title of this series, that Rihanna song just popped into my head and stayed there. Dammit.

But back to the post.

Singapore’s Better Off Dead have been busy in the studio as of late, presenting us with their new S&M series, ‘Hérmes not Hermés’.


Hérmes not Hermés - Dominatrix Sweater

All three designs are available in all kinds of garments from tanks and tees to hoodies and sweaters so there’s no excuse for whatever kind of weather you’re experiencing in the world, that you can’t easily rock one of these designs.

Hérmes not Hermés - BDSM Tank

“Often “imitated” but never replicated, the Better Off Dead brand made its name through intelligent cynical graphics. Better Off Dead is the originator and influencer of the many high-fashion brand re-appropriations you see being done all over the globe by a multitude of brands.”