Art & About Sydney

During September and October, Sydney will be transformed and turned into a blank canvas as artists and performers are invited to express themselves through colour, creativity and storytelling. From September 20 until October 20th, Sydney invites you to explore its streets, laneways and public spaces to experience and discover Sydney in new and exciting ways.

Art & About 2013 - Sydney Life

Next Friday, Sydney will experience a major (creative) makeover across the entire CBD and its neighbouring suburbs for Art & About Sydney!

A collaborative art festival, Art & About Sydney will see the city’s streets, laneways, building sites, galleries, and public parks and spaces as a blank canvas for creation and storytelling.

You can expect a lot more than art to be painted across the city though. Think outside the box and you will experience days and nights of performances, installations, film, music, food, and cocktails to celebrate this fine city.

You’ll be able to experience over 50 associated events for Art & About Sydney and here are just a handful of the ones I’m keen to check out:

FIELD“This mesmerising artwork, illuminated at night, brings the surreal into a public space in a unique way. 81 mirrored posts will be installed as a 24m x 24m maze in Hyde Park South creating ever-changing scenes, where no two experiences are the same.”

Sydney Life (Pictured above.) – “22 images by finalists of the prestigious photographic competition will be on display in Hyde Park. The striking, bed-sheet-sized images portraying the landscape, community and eccentricities of Sydney life will be showcased for the duration of the festival with the winner announced at the Friday Night Live launch party.”

Art & About 2013 - FIELD

I Think I Can“An interactive model railway town installed at Central Station that invites people to engage and play by becoming ‘temporary residents’ of Springfield via a tiny puppet avatar. The life of each character and Springfield can be tracked online through a blog function and the imaginary town’s online newspaper.”

Art & About 2013 - I Think I Can

Snailovation“24 gigantic neon snails will slither into some of Sydney’s most iconic public spaces including Martin Place, Hyde Park and Customs House Square.”

Art & About 2013 - Snailovation

Private Lives… Public Places“Sydney is hanging out its dirty laundry – and all our little secrets, confessions and private thoughts are lit up for others to see. What’s your little secret? And how far would you go to hide it?”

Art & About 2013 - Private Lives… Public Spaces

With most of its events kicking off on September 20, but if you won’t be able to make it for the launch night, don’t stress. Sydney will remain this way for the next month – or at least until October 20!