4A A4

Later this year in November at the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, a major fundraising exhibition will be going down, and currently the gallery is asking for submissions for all types of creatives or basically anyone with a cool idea to submit it on a piece of A4 paper. Sounds easy right? Registration is FREE and you've got until October 11 to submit your A4 idea / artwork. The intriguing part is that your submission will be entered and remain anonymous until it is sold. Loving that mystery element to it. If you're not interested in submitting, but have a strong interest in art, make sure you head to the exhibition in November. EXHIBITION DATES Exhibition dates: 8 – 30 November 2013 Exhibition launch: 7 November 2013, 6-8pm 4A 181—187 HAY STREET, SYDNEY NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA

4A A4

I’m a little late in posting about this considering the deadline is coming up pretty soon, but that still gives you just under two weeks to work on something and submit it.

What am I babbling on about?

4A A4.

The 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art has been calling for artists over the past few months to submit a piece of art on an A4 piece of paper. Pretty simple, right?

4A are not limiting it to just artists though. They’re inviting all types of creatives around the entire globe including artists, writers, designers, architects, animators, photographers and fashionistas to participate in their fundraising exhibition in November. This sounds like a major opportunity, and hey, if writers are invited, maybe I should give it a try? Tempting.

“Let your creativity loose so long as you reign it back to A4 size. Plus all works will be hung in the exhibition, will feature in a newsprint publication and on our website, remaining anonymous until sold for a fixed $200.”

Imagine if your work was posted up next to someone from Asia, the US, Europe or Hawai’i? Intriguing.

Registration is free, but you’ll need to send your works in by Friday 11 October, 2013. Hit up the 4A website for more details.

Will you be joining the A4 challenge?