Sundays: Delicate

Newcomer Sundays has delivered a low-key bedroom jam, aptly titled 'Delicate'. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the female RnB vocalist also self-produced the single in which she pours her heart out. This is one of those emotional ballads I could listen to every single day of the year.

Sundays - Delicate

Just as the title reads, singer-songwriter Sundays’ voice on this song is purely ‘Delicate’.

Fragile. Vulnerable. Soft-spoken. Hypnotic.

Known as Sundays, the Canadian RnB artist is an emerging vocalist that makes sweet electronic soul music, and she’s created a song that I can’t stop listening to. Just right for the mood I’ve been in lately, to be honest.

‘Delicate’ explores obvious themes of heartbreak, but the female songstress sings it with such wistful passion that she is able to take you on a personal journey with her. Those simple finger snaps accompanying the melody in the background are so crisp and subtle, they bring the entire track together.

Sundays’ debut EP, appropriately titled “Of Eros and I”, will drop in September.