Record Review: Dpat – In Bloom

In Bloom. This was one of those records that I was truly looking forward to hearing this week. "The album atmosphere is dark, contemplative, enigmatic and embodies a nocturnal vibe" - Dpat. Check out my thoughts on Dpat's 'In Bloom'.

Dpat - In Bloom

Houston producer Dpat has been making waves lately, teasing us with previews of his record via Soulection with the track, ‘Above Us’, one of which I fell in love with almost immediately. This week, he released “In Bloom” under LA label Soulection and the vibes that he has created within this record is one that you simply must listen to.

“In Bloom showcases a beautiful mixture of lush soundscapes layered with soulful rnb vocals and swirled in live instrumentation, in large part performed by the project’s creator, Dpat.”

“In Bloom” opens up with ‘Bodyheat’ and within the song, the vocalist sings ‘I won’t say a word’, which is somewhat fitting to how I feel about this record.

Part of me wants to tell the world about Dpat whilst the other side of me, wants to keep his music secret so that he never ends up in the mainstream world of music, because let’s face it, mainstream music today is a big ol’ mess.

‘Above Us’ continues the album on and you should already know how I feel about that track, featuring the work of talented artists Sango and Isles. Yes.

‘Over’ switches up the mood a little with its slightly more quickened pace and jazzy undertones; whilst a smooth transition into ‘Flourish’ welcomes a pretty little tune featuring the work of the very talented Atu, that simply leaves me swept up in my own thoughts. I’m a big fan of Atu so having him feature on any track will win big points with me. No doubt.

‘Cutthroat’ provides so many different layers that takes me in and out of the daze that I am already in where ‘Flourish’ finished off. Add in some drums towards the end to accompany the hypnotising vocals that have been looped throughout the track and Dpat has me hooked and wanting more.

As we continue on, ‘Deloused’ manages to lift up my hazy mood and leaves me in one of those happy go-getter mindsets, if that makes any sense to anyone.

And as for ‘Bloom’ … Simply put, it’s a gorgeous tune. Honestly, it’s such a beautiful song to end on and is by far, my favourite from the entire record – although I think it’s rather ridiculous that this record is only 7 tracks long. But back to ‘Bloom’. I could listen to this song on repeat for hours on end.

Overall, “In Bloom” is an impressive debut record from Dpat. A record that is smooth as silk, and leaves me feeling simply:

I N S P I R E D.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy NOW!

Album artwork by the very talented Samuel Johnson.