Placebo: Too Many Friends

Are you a fan of interactive videos? British band Placebo have released some interactive visuals for their new song, 'Too Many Friends', which comes from their upcoming album 'Loud Like Love'. Set in a not-so-distant-future version of Los Angeles, the video revolves around a 3.12 second scene in which a woman smashes a Champagne bottle over a man's head. However, much like a Murder Mystery game, (which in this case has been given the title 'Unfortunate Events') all is not quite as it seems. Narrator Bret Easton Ellis takes us back through the scene in slow-motion, pointing out various other elements which could have lead to the attack. What do you think happened? Loud Like Love is Placebo's 7th studio album and is due to be released on 16 September, 2013.

Placebo - Too Many Friends

Interactive videos is the new black.

Kanye kicked off the trend (didn’t he?) and now Placebo have jumped on board with the help of narrator Brett Easton Ellis.

The video revolves around a 3.12 second scene which asks you, as the viewer, to decipher what really happened. The video itself then slows down and shows you different elements as to what may have contributed to the end result. Not wanting to reveal too much, you’ll have to watch it carefully before you make a decision.

If you listen to the song just on its own though, it’s clearly directing its message to those of us that are obsessed with all the numerous social media platforms that are available to us today.

Whilst Drake is singing about no new friends, Placebo are singing about having too many.
Too many friends (on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc) that you’ll never be there for?
Are you guilty of this? I know I am. Friends that I’ve met once and parted with the message ‘I’ll stay in touch’, only to do it via a poke or liking their status. No, no, no. There is obviously no real connection there.

Placebo // Too Many Friends (with Bret Easton Ellis) from Saman Kesh on Vimeo.

This song clearly provides a deeper meaning behind and between the lines – especially if you can relate to it, which I’m sure most of you do.

I was on my usual commute to work the other day and yes, I was on my phone, but I looked up for a minute and so was everyone else – both the older and younger generations. We are no longer differentiated between Generation X, Y and Baby Boomers. We have all been sucked into the smartphone generation. Sad really, when you think about it.

Okay, rant over.

I’m so happy that Placebo are back!! It’s definitely been a while. With a new album in the works, they’ve also just been announced to be apart of next year’s Soundwave Festival for us residing down under. For all you rockers out there, find out who else is on the line-up for 2014.

Oh, and if you were successful in watching the video all the way through and happen to have a conclusion as to what exactly happened, share your thoughts on The 5 to 9 Life Facebook page! 🙂