Nike: Possibilities

“With ‘Possibilities’ we’re taking 'Just Do It' to a whole new place, showing people a new way to set goals and think about their own athletic potential, then helping them to achieve those goals through products, services and inspiration.” - Davide Grasso, Nike Global Chief Marketing Officer. Incorporating humour and encouraging messages within the new campaign, it should only provide more reason to motivate you to achieve that goal / dream. Anything is possible. But the ball is in your court. What's your next move?

Nike - Possibilities

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Nike takes the iconic ‘Just Do It’ tagline a step further with the introduction of the new “Possibilities” campaign.

Intended to inspire viewers to push their limits and strive to reach new goals, the film features a number of playful scenarios and an all-star roster of athletes including reigning NBA MVP, LeBron James, world No. 1 tennis icon Serena Williams, as well as Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona and Spain, and boxing sensation Andre Ward.

If there are no limits, what’s stopping you from aiming BIG?

And should you choose to go ahead with it, well then, ‘Good Luck with that’.

But as someone who is on that path already, let me assure you that hard work pays off and it will all work out in the end. If you can combine passion, determination, a good attitude and 100% commitment to your desires, you’re well on your way – no matter how big or small your goal is.

The possibilities are endless. #makeitcount

As part of the 25th anniversary of ‘Just Do It’, the inspirational message doesn’t stop when the film ends. “Possibilities” seeks to inspire everyone in their personal achievements through Nike+. The film is a challenge to the audience, who can physically take part in the film’s concept through a series of Nike+ challenges.

Find out more about the campaign here.