Lost Midas: Love Undone

Electro-fusion mixed with vintage soul hop. Ever heard of anything like it? No? Well then let me introduce you to the sounds of LA-based producer Lost Midas.

Lost Midas - Love Undone

Sometimes a song just hits you the right away. It touches all of your senses and you go from being intrigued to captivated after just a few seconds. And usually when that happens, you know the track will be in heavy rotation for days to come.

Even though the song has been on loop for me during the past hour, it’s the hook on ‘Love Undone’ which features the vocals of Taylor O’Donnell that has pulled me in and ultimately, kept this tune on repeat.

UK label Tru Thoughts have recently signed electronic producer Lost Midas and released this hypnotising video off of his upcoming EP “Memory Flux”, due for release on September 2nd.

“With influences ranging from a lifelong love of pop melodies and the ‘80s New Wave through J. Dilla to The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Lost Midas productions tread an aesthetic turf somewhere between Neon Indian and Bibio; irresistible and enduring ditties layered in striking textures and idiosyncratic beats.

Lost Midas is the alter ego of Jason Trikakis, who established himself as a hip hop drummer throughout his teens and into his ‘20s, mastering a range of instruments in the meantime [including his current favourite, the keys], on his way to developing an obsession with composition and the endless possibilities within the realm of electronic production.”

The beautiful beats of Lost Midas showcased in ‘Love Undone’ are sounding very much like that of US producer Flying Lotus, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – nor will it ever be! Looking forward to hearing more.