London: Rhoes

There's a new Australian producer on the scene that we all need to keep our eyes on. Hailing from Melbourne, LONDON is the artist in question and his first offering is one that will captivate you from the very beginning.

LONDON - Rhoes


His online profile is pretty minimal – with nothing more than a link to his twitter account via his Soundcloud page, but that doesn’t really matter in this case, because LONDON’s single, ‘Rhoes’, speaks volumes. Massive volumes.

I’m absolutely loving the sample that’s been used within this track. I just want to break down the lyrics and decipher the message between the lines. The production on ‘Rhoes’ is very much on point too. As soon as the vocals kick off the tune and that beat drops, you can’t help but groove along.

Whilst I’m intrigued by that mysterious element that LONDON does not want to reveal too much about himself, ‘Rhoes’ is a single that takes you on a hypnotising journey creating chilled and laidback vibes with a sudden twist towards the end. Vibes that have you going back to click that play button over and over once the song has ended.

LONDON might not want to tell you too much about himself, but I can tell you that an EP is currently in the works so we will be hearing a lot more from the Melbourne producer – sooner, rather than later. Yes.

Stay tuned for more from this talented artist.

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