Hayao Miyazaki: The Wind Rises (Trailer)

A new Studio Ghibli film is always a cause for celebration, particularly when it's made by co-founder and master animator, Hayao Miyazaki. His latest film, The Wind Rises, is something of a departure, in that it's a historical drama with no hint of the fantastical overtones you might associate with him. The Wind Rises is about aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi, covering a decade of his life through the Kanto Earthquake and World War Two, and all the turbulence and tragedy that went with it.

Hayao Miyazaki - The Wind Rises

Is there anything the Japanese can’t do?

It’s been a while since the last animated film was released from Studio Ghibli but I’m so glad that the time has finally arrived for a new release.

Inspired by the true stories of Jiro Horikoshi, visionary designer of one the most beautiful airplanes in history — the famed Zero fighter — and the poet Tatsuo Hori, “The Wind Rises” has been described as a more grown up Studio Ghibli tale, and is an animated historical fantasy film spanning the decades.

The film is both written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and is based on the manga of the same name, which is in turn based on a short story by the lead character Tatsuo Hori.

Although the film has already been released in Japan, there is no set release date for the U.S. (or any other country) as the film is currently seeking distribution.

“The Wind Rises” will be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival later this year.