David Dallas: My Mentality

Some might think that a collaboration between these two artists is a bit unconventional. But this is not the first time David Dallas and Freddie Gibbs have teamed up together. Think gangsta and gleam. Poise and polish. Two unlikely characteristics that somehow work together. The Kiwi might not be a household name in Australia yet, but if Dallas delivers more songs like 'My Mentality', he might well be on his way of becoming one.

David Dallas - My Mentality

The wait is over.

New Zealand’s own David Dallas has been teasing us this past week with videos and photos of a new track that would be released on Sunday night. tonight.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of David Dallas. Every time he’s announced a live show in Sydney (during the past two years or so), I’ve been there in attendance. Well, almost every time.

The last time he was in Sydney supporting P-Money and I now, am regretting my decision to miss that particular performance. Word on the street is he performed tracks from his upcoming record “Falling Into Place” and a couple hours ago, the New Zealand hip hop artist gave us a taste of that new record with ‘My Mentality’, which features fellow hip hop artist Freddie Gibbs.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard Dallas spit like this. Against a hard-hitting beat, Dot draws us in with his fast flow and lyrics that ultimately tells a story. Just what you want in a hip hop record, right?

From New Zealand to Los Angeles, hip hop shows its global dominance as Gibbs’ guest vocals complement Dallas’ verses, and it’s clear that every time these two artists collaborate, the feel-good vibes are distinctly evident.

I particularly love the breakdown of this track when the music disappears and all we hear is Dallas. The emotions felt and pure honesty of his songwriting comes through and you can’t help but stop whatever you’re doing and just listen.

Following on from the huge success of “The Rose Tint” and limited edition release “Buffalo Man”, David Dallas’ new album “Falling Into Place” is set to drop any day now.