André Saraiva: Dream Concerts

French graffiti artist André Saraiva takes MOCAtv to his studio at the Chateau Marmont, where he screenprints the playbills of his concept of 'Dream Concerts' before pasting them on city streets. Based on his own musical tastes, Saraiva's favourite artists/bands caters to everyone. From mainstream to hipsters to the classics, you have to admit that these are some pretty good line-ups and if it were real, I would happily fork out the cash to see any of these 'concerts'. André Saraiva's next exhibition of 'Dream Concerts' will be held at Maison Kitsuné Tokyo from September 4th.

Dream Concerts_Electric Ballroom

“In Paris, New York, London, and Los Angeles, show posters for dream concerts with all-star lineups have been tempting passersby and drivers to attend Madison Square Garden or the Bowery Ballroom, L’Élysée Montmartre or the Wiltern.

Double-take on these worn posters and you’re not even sure if they’re coming up or something missed and legendary from long ago, but posted in public space, the anticipation is real. Upon closer inspection, we see that these epic concert announcements are actually paintings of lineups that only exist in the imagination of French graffiti artist André Saraiva.”

Dream Concerts_KOKO

Although I don’t reside in any of the major cities that artist André Saraiva decided to post his ‘Dream Concerts’ concept flyers in, I first came across the posters a couple months ago via ?uestlove’s instagram.

He posted the following photo with the caption: “Hahahahahahah good one Andre Saraeiva….the most notable mistake? Ye gettin’ 4th billing? Any of y’all fall for this too in NYC?”

Dream Concerts - via ?uestlove

The man does have a point.

But it’s also enthralling the way fans reacted to these fictitious line-ups. The way Saraiva recalls the day the “concert” was meant to happen in the interview below is really fascinating, in my opinion.

Dream Concerts - Apollo Theater

Check out the interview below and see all the posters here.

Makes you wonder though, who would be on the bill for your ultimate concert? Hmm…

Dream Concerts_Elysée Montmartre

Dream Concerts_The Troubadour

Dream Concerts_The Wiltern