Wonderland: A Short Documentary on Creative Commerce

'Wonderland' is a great short film exploring working in the creative industry and the relationship between creativity and commercial interests. Shedding some light on what it's like to work in the creative industry, this is worth the watch.

Multi-disciplinary creative studio Eskimo recently decided to set out for a month to create a short documentary providing insight into what its like to work in the creative industry.

The 15-minute short specifically focusses on what it’s like to produce commercial work for large corporations such as GM and Nike, showcasing ways in which creatives balance “doing what they love” with the pursuit of financial profit.

“The idea was born out of our own questions and struggles on how to deal with things that may seem out of your control… We hope the short provides direction in helping others pursue their own creative and personal goals by hearing first hand experiences. Thank you to everyone involved for your transparency and willingness to be involved.”

If you’ve ever struggled to find a balance between work that will pay your bills and work that you’ll be proud of, this film will really resonate with you! I know it definitely did with me. Everything that was said in this documentary was so relatable.

Watch above!

So many good points and advice was shared in the content of this video, but this one stood out and I think will help you if you’re still figuring out that creative path:

“The balance that you really have to consider is: Why are you doing this? Are you doing it to make money? Are you doing it advance yourself? Are you doing it because you wanna say that you’re a director (or give yourself some type of title)? Are you doing it because you want to be part of something? … Those kind of questions can kill an artist. The drive and the intention that will sustain a creative individual for doing it for a really long time is doing it because you love it.” – Eliot Rausch.

To those individuals in my life who don’t understand why I haven’t quit my 9-5 yet, this video will hopefully answer a lot of those questions. It’s never been about the money for me, and as a fellow peer once said to me, “that’s the best attitude to have”.