JMSN: Love & Pain

Last week, LA-based act JMSN, aka singer and producer Christian Berishaj, revealed his visually striking new video for single 'Love & Pain', a sax-heavy standout track from his self-released debut †Priscilla† currently slated for re-issue October 2013. Watch the video, listen to the track and read the video's explanation from the artist himself.

JMSN - Love & Pain

Have you ever listened to a song and it just hits you, right at your core?

That’s how I feel about JMSN’s ‘Love & Pain’.

The song itself has been out for a while on his Soundcloud, and it’s been notably remixed by Ta-ku, but the official video was released last week and there are so many words I want to say about it, but I think JMSN‘s explanation of the video will do a much better job.

Here’s an excerpt of some of his honest words:

“I think I’m just going to treat this as a journal. I would just like to have a conversation with myself and maybe anyone who wants to listen.

Love & Pain, I believe, are the only two things in life that truly make us feel. Sure there’s things you could put under each umbrella, like happiness and sadness. When were sad, were hurting. It may not be a physical pain, but damn if it don’t hurt like it.

I think this video was made to show the different things that compile your life. Spirituality/Purpose, Adolescence/Innocence, and Connection/Intimacy. Somehow I think every one thing in your life boils down to something to do with one of these three. So in a sense, this is your world. A constant battle or intersection of these things. You try to find where you fit into these thoughts or ideas. You try to find if any of these things have to do with you at all in the first place.

So in the end what you truly know is that you don’t know shit. Of course that will never stop you from trying to figure it all out. Isn’t that the beautiful thing? That you can never know it all and there is always something new you can learn from yourself and others.

The only constant in your life is yourself. You just have to get to know that person.

“Love & Pain comes and goes, but I won’t change. No.”

Read the explanation in its entirety at JMSN’s tumblr.

If I can add one thing, as much as I love Ta-ku’s edit on this tune, the original brings so much soul through the speakers. I’ve been listening to this all morning and it definitely brings those #feelings and #emotions throughout the house as I listen to the smooth saxophone that accompanies the dark, distorted drum sound against JMSN’s moving vocals.