An Interview with S H A R N E E

You might not know who S H A R N E E is or have heard of the name - but you will. Spotted at this year's Fashion Palette, the label's Spring/Summer collection that walked the runway this year was a collection that instantly stood out against the rest of the pack. Mixing both elements of femininity and androgyny into each design, S H A R N E E is one label to watch in the near future.

S H A R N E E at Fashion Palette 2013

As much as I love a one-of-a-kind and over-the-top statement piece of clothing every now and then, I’m currently adoring a more streamlined, minimalist aesthetic when it comes to the clothes in my wardrobe.

So, when I discovered Brisbane-based fashion label S H A R N E E at this year’s Fashion Palette runway show, I was instantly smitten.

Easily one of the stand-out collections at Fashion Palette, I knew that I immediately wanted to get to know the person behind the womenswear brand.

1. Introduce yourself.

My name is Sharnee Lamb and I am a women’s Fashion Desginer.

2. How did you get into (fashion) design?

I completed a short Diploma course at a Fashion school in Brisbane, and for a couple of months while studying, I also did some work experience.

After finishing my course I had two choices: 1. Either go out and gain more experience by working for someone or 2. Dive head first into creating and building my own label and learn as I go; and that’s what I did.

To be honest I never really considered the first option haha.

S H A R N E E at Fashion Palette 2013_2

3. What is the concept behind S H A R N E E and what 5 words would you use to describe your brand’s aesthetic?

The concept behind S H A R N E E is to be able to create a strong simple collection everytime but with each piece having a point of difference that sets it apart. The brand as a whole is very sophisticated, chic, strong, structured and unique. My garments will always be very tailored and you will always see very strong lines and silhouette.

4. What can you tell us about the Spring collection that walked the runway at this year’s Fashion Palette?

When I originally started to come up with a concept for this collection I was looking at multiple personalities; very dark concepts that were almost surrealistic. And while trying to find inspiration for the idea I came across a photo of this little girl holding a doll and I thought to myself ‘HOW DEPRESSING AM I?’

So then I decided to create the collection about this doll and what she represents: comfort, familiarity, etc. The collection is a bit more girly then my previous collections and I think that’s the “doll” influence coming through.

The collection is made from 100% silks and cottons, and basically the whole collection can be worn either with something else or on its own – each piece is individual.

5. Who is the S H A R N E E girl?

She is a girl about town. She being intelligent, charming, and a mystery. A lover of life. Unafraid of possibilities, she believes reality is for people who lack imagination and that lack of passion is fatal. Unforgettable to those who cross her path, her name whispers in their silences. A girl empowered by luxury, style, and excellence.

S H A R N E E at Fashion Palette 2013_3

6. What does a typical day consist of for you?

No day is ever the same! I have another job at a men’s clothing store and so I basically try and fit everything that needs to be done that day around going to work – whether it’s meeting with my publicist or pattern maker or machinist or production manager, designing or coming up with new concepts for a new collection, collaborating with bloggers and editors etc, ordering fabrics and trims, organising orders and sending out orders; sometimes I even have to do a bit of sewing. It’s never-ending but it requires me to be very organised.

My job is probably 80% organising and so I need to always been on the ball. At the moment i am organising for everything production wise to be prepared and hopefully get buyers to order my Spring collection that was seen at Fashion Palette.

7. What happens after 5pm?

Sometimes if I’m lucky, I go to the gym and come home and relax haha; other times I have to go to events. But usually my time is spent sending out all my personal orders that come through my website, and responding to emails from that day.

S H A R N E E at Fashion Palette 2013_4

8. Have you ever thought about venturing out and expanding to design a menswear line?

Haha all my guy friends constantly tell me I need to make menswear, but no, not at the moment. Maybe one day, but at the moment I just want to focus on my womenswear and get that out there and for it to be the best it can be.

9. What’s coming up for you?

I will be working really hard to get my Spring/Summer orders made and sent out and also focusing on designing my AW14 collection.

10. Pay it forward: what’s the best advice you’ve received that you would be happy to share with others?

Make sure you are 110% sure that it is what you want to do, because it is not as glamourous as it may look, and it’s a lot of work, but if you have the passion for it, then do not give up hope and always have faith in yourself.

S H A R N E E at Fashion Palette 2013_5

*Photography provided by S H A R N E E.