Ta-ku: Sid Pattni – Mr Alpha (Remix)

Yep, it's another post on Ta-ku. But this one I just could not let go of without saying something about the track. Originally released by Sid Pattni, and featuring the captivating and moving vocals of Whisky Winter, Ta-ku has put his signature spin on 'Mr Alpha', ending in a result that has left me listening to this song on repeat all afternoon.

Ta-ku - Sid Pattni - Mr Alpha (Remix)

I’ve been trying to cut down on my posts on Ta-ku. Really, I have. But the truth is, as much as I try to, I can’t.

The Red Bull Music Academy graduate just won’t slow down with his releases and it seems like he has a handful of completed mixes hidden up his sleeve to release when we least expect it.

But the only reason why I am posting another one of his tracks today is because I saw that the tune features Whisky Winter! With their hauntingly beautiful vocals, I already knew (before I even pressed play) that it was going to stimulate my senses.

The original from Sid Pattni is good. But Perth’s most talented beatmaker has taken the song, flipped it with his signature sounds and made it even better. Don’t believe me? Listen below.

Especially love the fact that this remix ties in three artists – Sid Pattni, Whisky Winter and Ta-ku – all from Perth. Keeping it local.