Product Review: Crumpler’s Flock of Horror

Crumpler’s The Flock of Horror is a travel laptop bag with a unique fold-top opening that gives it a distinct hipster look. This is not your ordinary, boring laptop bag. It aims to be different. Check out my thoughts on a laptop bag that provides more than just space for your laptop. It's versatile, durable, hip, and trendy. *Laptop not included.

Product Review - Crumpler's Flock of Horror

A few weeks ago, the Crumpler team sent through a massive package in the mail and even I was curious as to what was inside. I admit, I did receive a heads up as to what might be coming my way, but I did not expect it to be so damn big. Ha.

First off, let me just say that I absolutely love the packaging of the delivery package (above). My ongoing love affair with Crumpler has definitely turned me into a Bag Nerd. 😉

Crumpler is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to naming their products. Do you remember The Vegetable From Inside The Mountain and the 6 Million Dollar Home? The Flock of Horror is their newest addition, and whilst sometimes they reveal the reasoning behind the names, it doesn’t really matter to me. In this case, I’d rather learn something about the bag than about the name itself.

“Diminutive but in no way diminished, the Flock of Horror features the same distinctive fold-top opening as its more voluminous bag brethren, a padded quick access rear compartment for your iPad, plus a bevy of internal and external pocketry.”

Crumpler's Flock of Horror

Designed to fit both your MacBook Pro and iPad, the “Crumpler Flock of Horror” keeps your tech gear safe in any sort of weather condition you may be faced with, because it’s built with a water proof canvas and water resistant zips.

The “Flock of Horror” is also a great looking bag. With its unique roll-over closure, and this distinct shade of red, the messenger bag will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. And I can assure you that statement is true.

I tested the “Flock of Horror” over the working week, and could definitely feel heads turning when I wore the bag against an all black outfit. Although I’m usually one to stay out of the spotlight, in this case, it was a good thing, because it meant that all eyes were on my Crumpler bag. If you’re after something a bit more discrete, however, the “Flock of Horror” is also available in black or rifle green.

Crumpler's Flock of Horror_Interior

Inside, the bag is lined with a tough, but tender brushed nylon in a complentary light grey, and features a compartment for your 13″ MacBook Pro, as well as an extra slim internal pocket. I admit, it was a little difficult to fit the laptop in the first couple of tries as the laptop compartment is rather snug and tight, but the more I used it, the more the materials relaxed a little bit for easier access to the laptop.

Crumpler's Flock of Horror - Rear

At the rear of the bag, the “Flock of Horror” has a wide opening, twin zippered compartment for your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle or other tablet device; but since I don’t own any of those, I filled up the compartment with all my daily necessities – including a book to read for the train ride to work!

I was pretty surprised by it in all honesty, because from the exterior, it seemed like a very slim pocket, but the soft felt-like material it is lined with fooled the eyes and managed to provide the interior with a little extra space. On top of that, the material used inside also protects anything inside from getting scratched.

For carrying comfort, Crumpler’s “Flock of Horror” makes sure your shoulder doesn’t take much of the pressure with the use of a removable shoulder pad. The length of the strap is adjustable so you can get the length you’re comfortable with. In my use, the strap proved to be highly versatile and easily adjustable. The padding is also soft on the shoulder so even when you have this bag on for a long period of time, you won’t easily feel the stress on your shoulder. A feature that is pretty important to me as the bags I usually wear to work do not offer that support for the shoulders.

All in all, the “Flock of Horror” is a product that is highly recommended.

The Crumpler Flock of Horror is from the custom made Crumpler Apple Store collection and is currently available at selected Australian Apple retail stores.

*Special thanks to Crumpler.