Product Review: Crumpler’s 13″ Fug

Do you know how hard it is to find a nice looking laptop sleeve that does exactly what it needs to do? Creative bag company, Crumpler, recently sent The 5 to 9 Life a product from their new range - the 13" Slimfit Fug - to test out and that's exactly what I did. Check out my thoughts on the laptop sleeve from Crumpler.

Product Review - Crumpler's 13 Fug

A couple of weeks ago I felt rather spoilt by the Crumpler team when they sent me two packages in the same week! They’re cr-razy. Haha. I admit, I was pretty excited though. đŸ™‚

The first was the Flock of Horror and the second was the 13″ Slimfit Fug.

“Nothing turns a laptop into a fatop faster than a ‘big boned’ computer sleeve. So if you want your shiny new 13-inch poota to keep safe – and keep a low profile – slip it into the slimline Fug.”

Although I’m not very religious, the 13″ Fug answered my prayers. I have been searching for a laptop sleeve for my 13″ MacBook Pro for quite a while now. Most of the brands that I have looked at or have enquired with in previous instances often came with a negative characteristic attached.

Without mentioning any names, some didn’t have a sleeve for the 13″ available (as if I was the only one that owned a 13″ and so there was no point in producing a sleeve for one laptop); some were made using material that produced a poor quality product; some were way too dear for a laptop sleeve; and others, whilst I am aware this may seem completely vain, produced a great all-round product but released the product in not so pretty colours and patterns. For me, all the boxes must be ticked before I decide to make an investment.

Therefore, I am thankful that the Crumpler 13″ Fug does not have any of these negativities attached to its product.

Product Review - Crumpler's 13 Fug_2

“Constructed from figure hugging, double layer neoprene, its thin-skinned but protective padding isolates your computery from the bump and grind of your regular bag or briefcase.”

And it’s true. Tried and testing by yours truly, the Fug fits snugly around my 13″ MacBook Pro with no excess space for anything to fall out. Put simply: it’s a perfect fit.

The pop of red can be a little in your face, but I don’t mind. When you carry around a day bag as big as mine for the corporate office everyday, the bright red jumps out at you and helps you find what you need immediately.

Not only available in red, the Fug also comes in a range of colours that you’ll actually like (and aren’t embarrassed to carry around). The extra bonus that it is affordable too at under AU$40, which is pretty much the icing on the cake for me.

The Fug is available for the 6″, 8″, 10″, iPad 11″ (Slimfit), 13″ (Slimfit), 15″, and 17″ so make sure you buy the right size; and is from the exclusive Crumpler Apple Store collection, currently available at selected Australian Apple retail stores.

*Much love to Crumpler for the sleeve.