M.I.A.: Bring The Noize

M.I.A. is back! Finally. Listen to her new single. NOW.

M.I.A. - Bring The Noize

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and press play on MIA’s new single, ‘Bring The Noize’.

Absolutely loving the production and the beats that are accompanying M.I.A.’s fire spitting on this track. ‘Bring The Noize’ is quite infectious, albeit with a hard-hitting attitude and most definitely claiming its status as another social anthem.

A surprising element of the tune is heard towards the end when the song suddenly breaks down and provides both a lush and chaotic sound.

UPDATE: Check out the official video below! Woot!

“Bring the noize when we run upon them.”

‘Bring The Noize’ is the lead single from M.I.A.’s long-delayed upcoming album, “Matangi”, which is set for release later this year.