Laura Welsh: Cold Front

Laura Welsh is one to watch in 2013, having already been compared to the likes of Jessie Ware. Vibrant vocals against electronic beats with a catchy hook to boot? Yes please. Watch the black and white video to Welsh's 'Cold Front' and be prepared to start singing along to that hook in no time.

Laura Welsh - Cold Front

British songstress Laura Welsh manages to create a sophisticated blend of soul and pop against a sultry electronic beat with her new single.

‘Cold Front’ is an emotionally drenched ballad with a killer hook, and showcases some great songwriting – lyric wise. And this video is so fitting for the song. Loving the shadowy effects and the visual reflection of possibly the theme from the song – losing control over your emotions.

“Sad, but we will break it
I don’t wanna leave you now
I don’t wanna leave you now..”

Kind of hard to believe Welsh is an unsigned artist.