Kaytranada: Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson – What’s It Gonna Be? (Remix)

Kaytranada is an artist that makes my ears happy. Most known for his re-flip of Janet Jackson's 'If', the Montreal-based producer has once again dipped into Jackson's back catalogue and produced some of his best work. Check out his fresh spin of 'What's It Gonna Be?' from Janet and Busta Rhymes as he brings you in with funky synths and a catchy bassline. Yes.

Kaytranada_Busta Rhymes x Janet Jackson - What's It Gonna Be? (Remix)


The young Haitian-via-Montreal producer is once again tearing up speakers and dance floors all at the same time.

He apologises for the “Busta adlibs taking over the song” on his Soundcloud, however, the only thing he should really be apologising for is for consistently bringing good fun and funky vibes to our sound sytems.

Kaytranada‘s signature bounce has been implemented into his remix of Bussa-Buss and Janet’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be?’ and is reminiscent of the same sounds from his LA Boiler Room set – and I loved that set.

Appropriately tagged in the category of ‘Calories’, if you’re hitting the dance floor, this banger will definitely have you losing a few.