J-Louis X Tribe: 1nce Again

Off the back of his 'Balanced' EP, released back in March, J-Louis is still creating that feel good music. This time around the producer from California has delved into the past for his samples and brought it into the present to bring us some good vibes. Check out his edit of A Tribe Called Quest's '1nce Again'.

J-Louis X Tribe - 1nce Again

Los Angeles-based label Soulection is consistently sharing new music with the artists that they’ve teamed up with. 20-year-old producer J-Louis has chosen a classic track from A Tribe Called Quest; chopped it up, and delivered something that is both fresh and lush.

J-Louis, who’s known to construct his beats on an iPhone, has really worked wonders on ‘1nce again’, creating multiple layers of vibrant sounds, warm synths, and elements of bass and percussion. Top it off with the looping of that catchy hook and he’s won me over.

Can’t help but think of someone as I sing along to that hook too… đŸ˜‰