FALSE: All Ye Snakes

Amanda S and Le Messie are the co-creators of Singapore label FALSE. FALSE is one of hip hop star Lupe Fiasco's streetwear brands. Le Messie is a co-producer on Fiasco's hit 'Fighters' from his 2008 album, 'The Cool', and the two are also the brains behind fashion label Fallacy of Rome and the rock/pop/punk music side project Japanese Cartoon. Under FALSE, Amanda and Le Messie have produced a number of brands including Better Off Dead and Fucked Up Fiends, whereby this collaborative collection has resulted entitled 'All Ye Snakes'.

FALSE - All Ye Snakes

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from Amanda and Le Messie aka the creators behind street label FALSE, but it seems they’ve been working on quite a bit and just laid low on the media front.

I remember when I first started getting into writing and scored an internship with ACCLAIM Magazine back in 2010, FALSE was one of the first brands I pitched a blog post about. It’s pretty great news to hear that they’re starting to make their way out on the circuit again.

B.O.D - CC Ye Snakes T-Shirt

Lead by Le Messie and Amanda S, the brand has proudly grown its loyal customer base without having to sacrifice integrity and identity. FALSE is the parent brand to Better Off Dead, Fallacy Of Rome, FALSE Sounds & Anti-Anti and their portfolio now includes six labels in total.

Now Amanda and Le Messie return with their latest collection entitled “All Ye Snakes”. This collection marks their first collaboration between their own labels BETTER OFF DEAD (BOD) and FUCKED UP FIENDS (FUF).

B.O.D - Comme Ye Snakes T-Shirt

“Created in 2008, Better Off Dead was born to assassinate high fashion facists via Messie’s cynical and intelligent designs. With a multitude of imitators following its path, Better Off Dead only recognizes sister brand Fucked Up Fiends as it’s true heir apparent in the line of brand re-appropriations.

With Messie and Amanda’s scaled seal of approval, all designs in this collection bear the python touch. “Snakes represent both negative and positive aspects of the animal kingdom and the spiritual realm and have played prominent roles in the designs I’ve released over the past few years,” says Le Messie. “The snake shines in this collection and will keep making its appearance in the future.”

B.O.D - CC Ye Snakes T-Shirt

Whilst I am not the biggest fan of snakes in general, this new collaboration between Better Off Dead and Fucked Up Fiends seems harmless enough to wear. Freshen up your wardrobe with some new pieces now.

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