B.Lewis & Sango: Não é Nada

Time to kick off the long weekend with something new, something good, and something that will definitely have you grooving along to all weekend. Thanks to B.Lewis and Sango, the two talented artists have managed to deliver a track that gives us all that and a whole lot more. Listen to 'Não é Nada' now.

B.Lewis & Sango - Não é Nada

This weekend, for those of us down under, we’re lucky enough to experience an extended weekend. For those of you who are heading out, hoping to party it up and whatnot, you might want to add some new songs to your playlist to get you in the mood and/or to take advantage of that extra day off.

May I suggest, ‘Não é Nada’ by B.Lewis & Sango?

“B.Lewis & Sango combine into a massive power duo that are unstoppable when it comes to the production. Sango brings in his signature Baile Funk samples and drum patterns while B. Lewis laces this track with his intricate synths!”Soulection.

Wow. This tune is definitely one to get hyped up over.

Mixing together Brazilian flavours with bursting synthesizers and electronic vibes, this track is straight up fire. Turn up the volume on this one and get ready to dance, because B. Lewis & Sango have just given us a reason to do so.

Available as a free download via the Soulection Facebook page. Get onto it!

The two talented beatmakers are about to head off together on a mini tour on the west coast, but for those of us who aren’t so lucky to be residing in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, let’s hope these two collaborate on some more music together soon.