2Factory: Are You In or Out?

French design studio 2FACTORY has produced a fun little video, comparing with humor the things that are 'in' or 'out'. The animated short compares products, lifestyles and more, with the outcome being a beautifully curated and well-designed look at today’s society. Do you agree?

Are You In Or Out?

This is a fun little video showcasing what the title suggests, “What’s In and What’s Out“?

But for those of you who are clever enough to read between the lines, it’s moreso and very similar to the question of whether or not you are a hipster.


There’s that word again. I can’t go through a day without reading about it or hearing someone say it. It’s an epidemic. Haha.

But the only reason I’ve chosen to compare this video to that word is because of the subjects that the French agency have chosen to cover in the content. There’s no need to understand French, because the animations speak volumes.

My personal favourite? Drunch. Haha.

ARE YOU IN // OR // OUT ? from 2 FACTORY on Vimeo.

Everything that’s “in” is basically what hipsters think they made “cool”, or that they “discovered”. If only they knew where and when some of these “in” things originated from. Watch the video above.