Ta-ku: I Love Beyoncé

Perth's Ta-ku has released a new mash-up in the past 24 hours. Re-werking Drake and Destiny's Child, this is a must listen!

Ta-ku - I Love Beyonce

Sending teaser clips and status updates of his new song prior to its release, Ta-ku stayed true to his word and has delivered something special.

Mixing Drake’s ‘Girls Love Beyoncé’ (Which is true by the way, we do love Beyoncé!), Ta-ku has certainly proven why he is a beat-master, outdoing Drake on this tune.

This ‘re-werk’ samples more of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name than Drake’s single, but I’m not complaining. I was never a fan of Girls Love Beyoncé. Sure, the title intrigued me, but the song itself wasn’t that great. The song was just another tune for Drake to document his trust issues with the opposite sex. What’s new?

Ta-ku provides an infectiously smooth back drop of intriguing layers filled with sounds and drums that makes for an interesting take on Drake’s track. There’s a reason why I am always posting about his work. Don’t ever sleep on the talents of Ta-ku.

“Had fun with this one.
Re-werk of Drake – Girls Love Beyoncé & Say My Name.
Download will be available on RE-TWERK Vol.2 coming soon.
– Ta-ku.

ReϟTwerk Vol. 2? Yes please!