Solange Ft. Kendrick Lamar: Looks Good With Trouble (Remix)

Making the rounds on the (hipster) fashion and music scenes of late, little sister to Beyonce, Solange, has released a remix to one of her tracks from her latest record. The remix, 'Looks Good With Trouble', features a guest verse from LA's Kendrick Lamar, showing us why he was an ideal fit.

Solange Ft. Kendrick Lamar - Looks Good With Trouble (Remix)

This song has been on repeat all night.

I’m already a fan of Solange’s latest EP, “True”, and the original of this song was definitely a highlight for me. But let’s be honest: every track on that album was a winner.

This remix, however, has just been released and it’s somehow provides a refreshing twist to the original. Solange mixes up the bridge a little and has Kendrick Lamar jump on towards the end to spit a verse. Some have compared him to the likes of Andre 3000 already based off this verse. What do you think? Fair call?

‘Looks Good With Trouble’ will serve as the second official single off “True” which was released last November via Terrible Records. It’s good to hear that the remix isn’t a complete re-work of the Dev Hyne-production, and has been approached as a second take/do-over.

I’ve always loved the vibe of this song. Glad to hear that the remix didn’t ruin that sultry vibe.