Potatohead People: Outkast – Ms. Jackson ft. Kendrick Lamar (Remix)

Outkast's 'Ms. Jackson' was released 13 years ago in 2000, and this year, Vancouver's Potatohead People have revived the song with a remix featuring Kendrick Lamar. I've no idea if Lamar's verse has been taken from somewhere else and has been inserted into the original, but it fits well with this remix. A must listen!

Outkast ft Kendrick Lamar - Ms Jackson (Potatohead People Remix)

Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, this track found its way to me via a post from the good people at Soulection with the caption: “Just stop whatever you’re doing right now & listen.”

So I followed their advice and did just that. The result? Definitely a good piece of advice right there.

Not sure if this version of the track was ever an official release or not, but the add-on of Kendrick Lamar is always a good thing. Everyone knows the artist formerly known as K-Dot is absolutely killing the game right now.

The Outkast track is still one of my favourite songs to date, and the added verse by Lamar adds a little something-something, but the extra layers from the remix takes it to a whole other level. I really dig it. If only there was a download option available.

Listen to the remix below: