Mr Porter: Paper Plane

Part of a short film campaign by Mr. Porter, Elijah Wood returns to the small screen in 'Paper Plane' as a frustrated employee considering his position in the workplace. Although this short film is a few months old, it is one that I had to share, especially if you're a fan of this year's Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Short Film, 'Paperman'.

Mr Porter - Paper Plane

Remember my post on Paperman (Winner of “Best Animated Short Film” at this year’s Academy Awards)?

Menswear brand/online store Mr Porter recreated the animated story back in February and brought it to life with the help of actor Elijah Wood (best known for his work in The Lord of the Rings trilogy) with a slight change to the original storyline.

Instead of the love story thought up originally from Disney’s animators, Mr Porter have approached the story with a plot that all of us can relate to, one of which many of us (myself included) have no doubt thought about doing.

Anyone willing to turn up to the office on Monday to fly their own paper plane onto their boss’ desk?