Mayer Hawthorne Ft. Jessie Ware: Her Favourite Song

Mayer Hawthorne. Heard of him? Well let me introduce you. Mayer is an insanely talented singer/songwriter from America, with a new album to be released in mid-July. But more importantly, you should know that he has teamed up with the beautiful Jessie Ware for his new single 'Her Favourite Song'.

Mayer Hawthorne Ft. Jessie Ware - Her Favourite Song

Mayer Hawthorne and Jessie Ware.
I was quite surprised to hear of this collaboration, but I was more intrigued than anything.

Both Hawthorne and Ware are two artists who aren’t so well known in the mainstream world. And I for one, hope they retain that status for a long time.

I love Ware’s voice on the hook of this song. It just makes you want to sing along, once you get the hang of it, which let’s be honest; isn’t very difficult. But nonetheless, you can’t help but get caught up in the combination of funk and pop with elements of soul blended in.

The infectiously catchy ‘Her Favourite Song’ will feature on Hawthorne’s upcoming release, “Where Does This Door Go”, out on July 16.