Event Review: Nike She Runs 10k Race

On the 4th of May, in Sydney’s picturesque Centennial Parklands, I had a rollercoaster night with my girlfriends. It’s hard to explain actually. At the start of the night I had blue balls, then I battled with a crowd of tigers and ended the night raving like I was 18 again.

Nike She Runs 10k Race

There’s this massive rage taking the world by storm… okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but it’s getting a little crazy. All-female-run-clubs-at-night-are-cray-cray. And that’s exactly what the Nike She Runs Australia team delivered with ‘Run Unleashed’.

Upon entry you feel like you’re entering a scene from Fast & Furious. With exclusive access to Centennial Parklands at night, you discover a path lit up by purple flood lights set against palm trees. Walking through metal cargo containers, music pumping and girls, girls, girls, and more girls, I feasted my eyes on almost 6000 ladies stretching, high fiving, amping each other up with “you can totally do this man!” and hugging it out.

Nike head trainers started the night with a mass warm-up and stretch. I use ‘warm-up’ loosely because there was no way I warmed up enough at the start of the night – hello blue balls!

Nike ambassador’s actresses Jodi Anasta and Rhiannon Fish along with Olympics hopeful, Kelly Hetherington kicked off the night.

Nike She Runs 10k Race_2

Ladies were kitted out in the infamous ‘Coldplay’ Xylo wrist bands that lit up at various points throughout the night. Like the time my mate was busting to pee so she found a bush and BOOYAH it’s a rave in the bushes (Kidding!). There was an awesome collab between Nike and Facebook which I am still in complete awe of. Throughout the race you’d see your mates’ pics on big screens or messages of motivation that you would have entered at registration.

But the ultimate thumbs-up from me was the simultaneous results. Check instagram feeds with #nikesherunsau or #rununleashed and you’ll find a hoard of ladies sharing their personal bests.

Nike She Runs 10k Race_3

The party then kicked-on after the finish line at the Nike She Runs Village, featuring massage and rehydration stations, food vans, relaxation zones and live performances from The Faders and Justice Crew.

Nike She Runs 10k Race_4

It was an absolute adrenaline-pumped night. After the success of 2013 Run Unleashed, I can only imagine next year will be even bigger.

Dear Nike She Runs Au,

Thank you for the awesome night out with my fellow ladies.


Words by Belynda Aguila
Photography provided by Nike Australia.