Diafrix Ft. Barry Southgate: Throwback

If, like me, you're a lover of the 90s era, you'll appreciate the video and lyrics to Diafrix's new single, Throwback, featuring a catchy hook from Barry Southgate. Listen to the lyrics, watch the video and I am sure that you'll be grooving along and relating to those good ol' days in no time. Enjoy.

Diafrix Ft. Barry Southgate - Throwback

I’ll admit right off the bat that I am not the biggest supporter of Australian hip hop. In fact, I’ve always hated the genre. Sure, hate is a strong word but it’s the Aussie accent that always threw me off. The artist(s) were either being too bogan-esque or trying to incorporate the American accent with the Aussie accent, thus ending in disaster and making you immediately press stop on the song you were listening to.

BUT I think I have been introduced to a duo that are the exception of my aforementioned declaration: Diafrix.

Hailing from Melbourne, Momo and Azmarino, are both African refugees but have lived through struggles which are worlds apart.

“Momo arrived in Australia with his family at the age of three after fleeing their homeland of the Comoros Islands. Azmarino, on the other hand, originally hails from Eritrea but didn’t arrive in Australia until earlier this decade – after a life of citizenship hunting throughout countries like Jordan, Italy and Switzerland. Definitely not the typical story of an Australian band, but one that reflects an underrepresented and growing community of first generation Australians.”

The clip to their new single made its way to me via a friend, but surprisingly the song made me sit up and listen. If you haven’t known by now, I’m a big lover of the whole 90s RnB era and ‘Throwback’ is a track dedicated to those glory days of those good vibes. Plus, it also features the super smooth vocals of Barry Southgate, who some of you may remember as a finalist on the second season of Australian Idol, but more recently he was also in the film, “The Sapphires”.

The video itself is definitely a ‘Throwback’ (pun intended) to my favourite era as we go back in time and remember what we used to do for fun as kids – skipping, hopscotch, a special mention to Kris Kross (RIP Chris Kelly), and if you listen carefully, within the lyrics, there are further throwbacks to 90s songstresses Aaliyah (RIP), Mary J. Blige, and TLC.

Great song. Great video. What more could you want?

‘Throwback’ is taken from Diafrix’s album “Pocket Full Of Dreams” out now.